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Video games in health care

Video gamesMost people think that video games are played for entertainment only. Video games are acting as a means to educate and train people. Serious games are a term referred to describe video games that have designed specifically for training and education. In the field of medicine, games play a vital role to engage patients behaviorally to improve their health outcomes. Many video games are used explicitly for health education and training.

Video games are used to strategically affect a number of issues in health among patients. The main mechanism is the ability of the game to improve the patient’s motivation. Racing games in combination with physical exercise equipment for different patients as a physical therapy. The game involvement focused on the area of physical activity and combined with the video game play improves the patients’ motivation to engage in the physical activity.

These games are so popular worldwide and are played by millions of people. The greater advantages they offer are the biggest reason for their success. It is everyone’s wish that many such games should be developed and released in the online market. Moreover, some of the games are priced higher and it should be reduced for easy access for every public.

Video games have the potential to influence in medical patients positively. Commercial video games provide a means of pain management to the patients. In the video games, patients are immersed in a virtual reality world where they can do anything such as a fly on the sky and crossed the waterfall gently, etc.

This makes the patient to forget their pain and can control their movements. There are some classic video games for that are aimed at children with diabetes. To win in those games, players have to manage their insulin levels and food intake while keeping their character’s glucose levels within the acceptable range. These games make the children for diabetes self-management, improved communication with parents about the diabetes, and improved behaviors. Video games are available for curing the young children with asthma. The interactive games are developed for use with a device that gives readout of breathing function for children. Many medical practitioners consider video games as a medical tool for health care of patients safely and effectively.