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Training a dog to give a kiss

dog give a kissTraining a dog for different activities is really not a difficult task, as dog is considered as an intelligent animal which understands and learns human commands much quicker than any other animal. Dog is intelligent animal and can learns and understand different things very quickly.

It’s not that difficult to train a dog to chase other animals or any other specific type of animal, as all you need to have is a little bit of concentration. Similarly if you want to train your dog to give you a kiss, its also not that much difficult, as for dog it would be juts like any other thing or it might be easy for your dog to learn kissing, as you don’t need to buy any extra or expensive accessories or tools.

Training a dog to give a kiss is really not that difficult, all you need to do is to have a little bit concentration, however all dogs cannot learn this trick as it is not in their nature, just like a bull dog its really very hard to train this dog to kiss you.

While training a dog to kiss you, a dog must have a loving and caring nature and most importantly love for his master, for this purpose one should kiss his dog on his face and neck several times in a day and should treat his/her dog/puppy like a baby, just talk with your dog while kissing and he would automatically give you a positive feedback by licking you or most probably by kissing you!