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Dogs/Cats Healing People

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Dogs and Cats Offers Healing, Relaxation and Restores Psychological Health

Did you know that dogs and cats have other advantages despite being companions? A recent study shows that by stroking a dog or a cat. You are able to fill positive impulses from the Central nervous system. The impulses enable you feel better and healthier. The cat’s hair also helps in healing people. When a cat produces low frequency currents strong, electric field occurs. The electric field is occurs when the cat moves causing friction of its hair. The currents help patients suffering from joint inflammations. The tissues heal faster and blood circulation is improved. When hurt a cat soothes you using its paw and the pain, goes away this transition reflects on cats healing powers.

Cats and dogs also helps patient of high blood pressure relax and restore psychological health to heal quickly. The pets Achieves this by keeping you in good mood. When the cat rubs her body on your hand it also gives you comfort. This distraction reduces stress that raises the blood pressure levels. Cats and dogs also encourage patients to engage in exercise activities. A patient that strolls with dog maintains and improves body fitness. While strolling with the dog you interact with other people. This promotes social support because you will meet new friends. They can offer advices and encourage you depending on problems. Positive response helps you relax and restore psychological health.

Cats and dogs are also good to patients because they bond with you. The latter enables you enjoy silence between you. Not only that, pets unlike human beings ensure your secrets are safe with them. This bonding results to a greater companionship. Cats and dogs offer support to patients especially those that are lonely. By spending quality time with pets, patients feel their warmness and love. Cats and dogs show this by curling and rubbing on patient body.