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Interesting facts on social media

social_media_marketingSocial media has led todays’ youth generation to some very strange places in social networks. More than 25% of companies offer business training to their employees through social media. Social media is critical to organic search success. Business marketers rank social media as the second most important factor in searching process. The most important social media lead generation tool business to commerce marketers is Facebook. LinkedIn was the effective tool that acquired a customer through the professional network. Social media is the best way to engage millions of users, each of those users share through small networks. The largest stories on Facebook are the result of lots of friendly sharing. LinkedIn generates more information for business to business companies than Facebook, blogs, wikis or Twitter.

Most of the global business to business buyers use social media to engage with their vendors. They also expect to use social media in future purchasing process. The best business to business companies like to integrate the social media efforts with their email marketing, webinars, and SEO. More than 95 percent of the companies using LinkedIn social networking site to search and attract the employees. Website social sharing tools and keyword based social media monitoring tools are used highly by the best in class companies. Many of the top executives require to be participated in social media. Employees trust a company more when the leadership team of that company communicates through the social media networking site. Social login is defined as the ability for the users to register at and log in to the social networking site to use existing network profiles.

Most of the people are not bothered about the creation of new accounts at websites. They use the social login. think that social login is a good solution that should be offered by the social networking media. Most of the local businesses use Facebook as their social networking site. Therefore Facebook is the chief source of social media traffic to websites. Twitter users rarely post their content but they consume content from there. Most of the twitter users’ access twitters through the mobile devices. Global internet users use Google as their search engine. The largest block of users is considered to be active at Google+. Pinterest is a social networking site which is virtually tied with Twitter for the amount of referred social traffic. In general, the business to business marketers are aware of the increasing importance of mobile devices for their searching marketing objectives.