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Good dog breeds for children

Of all the breeds of dogs out there, some apparently in front of everyone when it comes to their natural ability with children. Best breeds for children gentle, easy going and physically strong enough to take a few squeezes too copious, and sometimes awkward handling. If you are looking for a good dog for your children, here are the few breeds to consider.

American Cocker Spaniel

This kind of spaniel cheerful, well-balanced, loves to be around children of all ages. As a plus, their small size (less than 30 pounds), making them unlikely to frighten small children. Their long hair, however, means that they need regular care, which can be inconvenient at times challenged mom.

Golden Retriever

Almost always, one of the best breeds for children golden retrievers are exceptional love for children and love to spend time playing with them. They are smart, eager to please and often violent, so obedience training is usually easy. There are several genetic diseases are present in the rock, so choose a puppy to avoid the pain at a later date.

Labrador Retriever

Laboratory laid back, sociable with people and is happy when he can tag along with family members during the day. Its user-friendly view of the size of the dog does not a little scary, too. Although this breed is good with children, it is often noisy and playful, and needs obedience training to enable him to live in harmony with young children.


Tough and spunky, the pug a lot, like most children. Pugs love people and are likely to follow their children around whenever possible. Playful by nature, they seem to enjoy entertaining their owners with silly antics. In addition, they are sensitive and smart enough to take the training without any problem.Tolko disadvantages that they are prone to certain health problems and wrinkles require special care.