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Children and their treatment of pets

For many children, pets are often perceived as a companion, which they can cuddle, stroke play, and from time to time to sleep. Most families have rabbits, hamsters, love, birds, fish, dogs and cats as pets. These days however this trend changed with the iguanas, chameleons and mice at the head of the charts. Treatment of animals as a beloved family member is not difficult, because they receive the specialized care they need.

Then they can make great family pets. Introducing a new pet into the family can be useful, fun and exciting. It can also be a steep learning curve, when the animal comes first. Infact, some animals like dogs can be a lot of physical care for children with disabilities because they can be trained to perform tasks such as opening doors, picking up dropped objects, and helps to remove clothing are common, the child may not be able to perform independently. daily activities that children can do with your dog. Also, just to help with tasks that require physical movement, the dog may also exercise and stretch with your child as a form of physical therapy.

Playing the game, how to throw a dog a toy you can make physical movement more fun for the child and can simultaneously improve hand-eye coordination. Dolphins are used to treat cancer patients because they can smell the disease and save the patient entertained.Here a few tips to make children and pets to feel safe, comfortable and happy in each others company.

What to teach your children

1. Teach your children to be quiet with pets, and not to shout and scream with delight.
2. Even pets are generally soft and fluffy, children should not have to drag or pull or pluck their fur, as if they were playing with a soft toy.
3. Make sure your child is playing with the animals under adult supervision. Things can go wrong very quickly between the inquisitive child and animal.