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Dog kiss command

When one plan to train his dog for the kiss, it is very important for a trainer to assign the dog a special command by which dog kisses a specific person after the command is assigned. It’s just like giving command for any other thing that a person wants his dog to do. Dog kiss command is just like giving your dog command to fetch your newspaper or mails or anything else. In short it can be said that for dog it would just be a command for the task which he needs to accomplish.

Dog kiss command could be anything and can be set up by the dog’s master while giving him that specific training. These commands might be different whether you want that to be a verbal or by some action, it is totally up to you and is defined to dog while teaching him this command.

These verbal commands might include "Hey! Come here boy!" or anything like that, while when it comes to action you might tell him different things, for e.g. you can train your dog to understand the dog kiss command when ever you sit on your lap or you are down by one knee, or you want your dog to work on the command of your lips, which means that when ever you put your lips together, it ill give a signal to your dog that it’s the time for him to kiss his master, and as soon as the dog sees your action he runs towards you to kiss you just like obeying the command.